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Relic Hunt
07-Oct-22 - 14-Oct-22 867 Admin
Relic Hunt

The Relic Hunt begins soon and with it another chance for you to free Shao Kahn - Konqueror. 

Collection of the spirit fragments from the Shao Kahn's tower every day is a little boring after the first time you manage to get over it, but it pays off when the Relic Hunt event comes. This is probably your best chance of maxing out a diamond character without paying any real money or spending souls. All you need to do is, collect as many spirit fragments as you can (1330 to be precise) and you can get a fully maxed-out diamond Shao Kahn - Konqueror character. Don't forget to leave your rating for him and his signature equipment pieces Shao Kahn's Helmet and the Wrath Hammer

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