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Sonya Blade - Klassic Movie, Diamond character, Spec Ops character, Klassic Movie character
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Sonya Blade - Klassic Movie


Study This: Amplify, Combo Sequences, Shield, Shield Break, Cripple, Blind - Along with all the other attacks, Klassic Movie Sonya Blade can perform special Combo Sequences spend. These Combo Sequences spend 0.8-0.6 of Bar of Power and can be repeated after 8-6 seconds. Sequences can be Amplified by additional moves.


“Beatdown Hit” - Sonya's fists can pierce any enemy! You can Amplify this attack with Shield Break.

Tap → Swipe left → Swipe right → Swipe up

Amplify: Swipe right


“High Counter Hit” - Break your enemy's bones! You can Amplify this attack with Cripple.

Swipe down → Swipe left → Swipe right → Tap

Amplify: Swipe down


“Leg Takedown Hit” - Shake your enemy's brains! You can Amplify this attack with Extra Damage.

Swipe right → Swipe down → Swipe up

Amplify: Tap


  • Power cost: 0.8-0.6 bar of Power
  • Cooldown: 8-6sec

Synergy: While Sonya Blade Klassic Movie is alive, Raiden teammates apply Blind on Special Attack 1. If Sonya Blade Klassic Movie is teamed with any Johnny Cage, and he is alive, then she gains Shield after performing Leg Takedown Hit with Amplify.



  1. Arc Kick - Attack: Medium damage
  2. For the Motherland - Attack: High damage + Vampire
  3. It's Kombat Time - Fatal Blow Attack: Extreme damage + Strengthen



  • Deadly Kiss - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Sonya Blade characters
  • Elite Athlete - Bonus Health for all Sonya Blade characters
  • Rival: Kano - Bonus Recovery for all Sonya Blade characters


Mortal Kombat Mobile All Characters Overview

Bronze Characters

The Bronze characters are the weakest tier of characters in the game. They don't have any specific gear that can give them an advantage, apart from Johnny Cage - Ninja mime and they only have 2 bars of power, for 2 special attacks. Every new account starts off with them and possibly a single Silver character. As with every other game, you need to play your way through to get to the next tier. Meaning you will get a good team of silver or gold characters when you will probably have those starter characters levelled up so far. My personal favorite Bronze character is Johnny Cage - Ninja Mime. He might look funny, but he does a great job defeating other bronze characters in battle 😉.

Silver Characters

The silver characters are the second-tier characters, and as you could probably imagine, they are stronger than the Bronze characters but weaker than the Gold characters. They have 3 special attacks and most of them if not all have gear that can give them some extra ability. They are really helpful when it comes to building up your gold characters set, as you could use them to level up faster (eg. pick your stronger silver character and two level 1 gold characters for a fight in Faction Wars, after a few rounds your gold character will probably have level 10-15 and have similar stats as your silver). Having silver characters is also crucial when you fight in challenge mode. Easy and Hard difficulty, each requires silver characters for two of the towers. You might have a strong gold team, but without silver, you won't be able to complete all of them. Most people enjoy playing with Scorpion because of his special attack 1. I've used him to defeat my first ever Diamond Klassic Reptile.

Gold Characters

The Gold tier is the most popular in the game with almost 100 characters. It come after the Silver and before the Diamond tier. We like to divide the golden characters into Challenge (the ones your can collect after completing a challenge mode) and non-challenge. Generally the challenge gold characters are stronger, faster and look and feel better when you play with them, whist the non-challenge characters are really good for support when it comes to their passive abilities. There are some exeptions ofcourse. Cassie Cage - Covert Ops for example has really good attack and health stats as well as really good passive ability. I believe she is the best non-challenge character for the price (only 250 souls from the store).

Diamond Characters

The diamond tier characters are the strongest and most difficult to obtain. There is no specific division as with the gold challenge and non-challenge, however, there are specific groups of diamond characters which are good against another group of diamond characters (eg. Circle of Shadow characters do 10% more damage versus Strike Force characters). It's best if you have 3 of those group of characters to be teamed up, as their passive ability usually complements each other. The other main difference between the bronze, silver, gold characters and the diamond is the number of slots for equipment. whilst the first three have only 3 slots, the diamond characters have 4, giving them a bigger advantage. Most players 1st diamond character ever is either Klassic Reptile or Shao Kahn - Konqueror.