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D'Vorah - Venomous

Venomous D'Vorah's passive ability is concentrating on her basic attack which is not so great. Therefore she needs a piece of block-breaking equipment and teammates that can deal DOTs, such as Ermac - Klassic and Reptile - Klassic. After she executes her 1st special attack, she does very good damage. Another way to make use of her passive is to give her equipment that can do DOTs or other negative effects, such as the Shadow Sash (Applies Blind), Blaze's Life Force (Fire), Bladed Whips (Bleed - only if maxed out).



Neurotoxin: Attack Boost, Effect Stacking - D'Vorah's basic attack do +100% damage per negative effect on the opponent. D'Vorah's poison can stack 2 times.



  1. Poison Ovipositor Rush - Attack: Medium damage + Poison
  2. Bug Burst - Attack: High damage + Poison
  3. Stick Around - X-Ray Attack: Extreme damage + Curse



  • The Swarm - Bonus Attack in percentage for all D'Vorah characters
  • Appendages - Bonus Health for all D'Vorah characters
  • Dragonfly Wings - Bonus Recovery for all D'Vorah characters



Killer Wasp, Rare Equipment, Accessory - MKmobileInfo
Killer Wasp

  • 25-45% Recovery boost;
  • [D'VORAH] 20-30% Special Attack 1 and 2 unblockable chance;
  • 25% Damage boost against enemies affected by Bleed or Poison. (Unlocks at fusion level X)

And here is a video review of D'Vorah - Venomous:


2 Rating(s)