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20-Nov-2020 1824 MKmobileInfo
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Erron Black - Gunslinger

Erron Black - Gunslinger cannot be obtained from challenges, which is a pity, because he does incredibly good against Spec Ops characters, thanks to his passive. Having his signature equipment and a power generating equipment, he can finish all opponents with his special attack 2 and some basic attack damage. He is best teamed with Kitana - Mournful and Kotal Kahn - Sun God.



Gunslinger: Unblockable, Critical Chance, Anti-Class, Attack Boost - +30% attack vs Spec Ops. Achieving 80%+ on Stand Off (special attack 2) makes it unblockable and a critical hit.



  1. Sand Slide - Attack: Medium damage
  2. Stand Off - Attack: High damage + Shield Break
  3. Trick Shot - X-Ray Attack: Extreme damage + Luck



  • Gunslinger - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Erron Black characters
  • Nomad - Bonus Health for all Erron Black characters
  • Longevity - Bonus Recovery for all Erron Black characters



Revolvers, Rare Equipment, Weapon - MKmobileInfo

  • 25-45% Unblockable chance on basic attacks;
  • [ERRON BLACK] 10-20% Special Attack 1 and 2 damage boost;
  • 25% Critical hit chance boost. (Unlocks at fusion level X)

And here is a video review of Erron Black - Gunslinger:


4 Rating(s)

Conde Pesadillo

Probably, the best challenge character in the game