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Shang Tsung - MK1, Diamond character, Outworld character, MK1 character
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Shang Tsung - MK1

Shang Tsung MK1 is the second character from the MK1 team.



Devious Alchemist: Alchemist, Power Drain, Power Gen Reduction, Stun, Speed Reduction, Damage Increase, Unblockable, Extra Attack, Summoner, Vampirism, Critical Chance Boost, Counter Attack - MK1 Shang Tsung gathers opponent's Blood to craft powerful Elixirs and conduct his ominous experiments.

Each combo ender has a chance to be an Injection that gathers the Blood and adds it to the Blood Pool. Shang Tsung collects the same amount of Blood on tag-in attack, and Special Attack 2 “Injection” fills the whole Pool.

When the Pool is full, an Elixir of choice can be crafted. It can be injected into the opponent's body to apply a powerful effect that leaves debilitating post-effect till the end of the match:

  • Yellow Elixir - drains all opponent's power in 1 sec. and leaves them with power generation reduced by 10%;
  • Red Elixir - stuns opponent for 3 sec. and leaves them slowed down by 10%;
  • Green Elixir - increases damage received by the opponent by 100% for 5 seconds and leaves them with 10% less chance to block an incoming attack.

If an opponent is killed while any Elixir effect is active - he resurrects on Shange Tsung's side as Meat. It cannot use equipment or passive effects, but has a 35% Critical Hit and Unblockable attack chance boost. Shang Tsung is healed by 15-25% of damage done by the creature.

  • Meat's Damage to health: 15-25%

Synergy: Shang Tsung can be tagged in while his teammates are under Baic Combo attacks, counterattacking with a tag-in attack.



  1. Tripple Skull - Attack: Medium damage + Snare
  2. Injection- Attack: High damage + Incurability
  3. Bad Medicine - Fatal Blow Attack: Extreme damage + Poison



  • Tournament Grandmaster - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Shang Tsung characters
  • Soul Devourer - Bonus Health for all Shang Tsung characters
  • Devious Schemer - Bonus Recovery for all Shang Tsung characters


Mortal Kombat Mobile Diamond Characters Overview

The diamond tier characters are the strongest and most difficult to obtain. There is no specific division as with the gold challenge and non-challenge, however, there are specific groups of diamond characters which are good against another group of diamond characters (eg. Circle of Shadow characters do 10% more damage versus Strike Force characters). It's best if you have 3 of those group of characters to be teamed up, as their passive ability usually complements each other. The other main difference between the bronze, silver, gold characters and the diamond is the number of slots for equipment. whilst the first three have only 3 slots, the diamond characters have 4, giving them a bigger advantage. Most players 1st diamond character ever is either Klassic Reptile or Shao Kahn - Konqueror.