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Shao Kahn - Konqueror

Shao Kahn can only be obtained from the Relic Hunt. An event that comes out a few times in a year. You will need to collect a certain amount of Spirit Fragments depending on what fusion you have Shao Kahn in order to resurrect him. Check the table at the bottom for a reference. The spirit fragments can be collecting from the Shao Kahn Tower. You can play 3 times a day without using souls to refresh or 9 times if you do refresh. Bear in mind that not every battle returns a Spirit fragment, however, if you win battle 100, you will get 20 Spirit Fragments. Once you finish the tower, you can start again from the beginning.

He is probably one of the 1st diamond characters that you might get together with Klassic Reptile. Having very good stats as well as passive abilities and equipment, Shao Kahn is a fantastic Outworld character that should definitely be on your must-have list.

He is great against characters that can resurrect (Jason Voorhees, Sub-Zero Grandmaster, etc.), as he finishes them immediately if their health is less than 20-40% even if they have Bone Shield protection.

Fusion Requirements
Fusion LevelShards Needed
Fusion 027 Shards
Fusion I97 Shards
Fusion II172 Shards
Fusion III252 Shards
Fusion IV352 Shards
Fusion V472 Shards
Fusion VI602 Shards
Fusion VII750 Shards
Fusion VIII920 Shards
Fusion IX1,100 Shards
Fusion X1,330 Shards


Culling the Weak: Once per match, Emperor's Bash (Special Attack 2) instantly defeats a non-boss opponent if under 20-40% health. Shao Kahn has a 35-45% chance of helping tagged-in Outworld teammates by throwing his hammer at the opponent.



  1. Hammer Throw- Attack: Medium damage + Stun
  2. Emperor's Bash- Attack: High damage
  3. It's Official- X-Ray Attack: Extreme damage + Shield



  • Wrath Hammer- Bonus Attack in percentage for all Shao Kahncharacters
  • Shang Tsung's Master- Bonus Health for all Shao Kahncharacters
  • Taker of Souls- Bonus Recovery for all Shao Kahncharacters




Shao Kahn's Helmet, Rare Equipment, Armor - MKmobileInfo
Shao Kahn's Helmet

  • 5-40% Critical Hit Chance Boost;
  • [SHAO KAHN] 1 Bar of starting power;
  • [SHAO KAHN] If this is equipped alongside Wrath Hammer, Shao Kahn gains an additional 4th bar of Power;
  • 35% Max Health boost. (Unlocks at fusion level X)

Wrath Hammer, Epic Equipment, Weapon - MKmobileInfo
Wrath Hammer

  • 1 Bar of starting Power;
  • 10-20% Attack boost;
  • [SHAO KAHN] If this is equipped alongside Shao Kahn's Helmet, Shao Kahn gains an additional 4th bar of Power!
  • 30% Critical hit Chance boost. (Unlocks at fusion level X)

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1 Rating(s)