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Kenshi - Elder God, Gold character, Elder God, Martial Artist character, Challenge character
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Kenshi - Elder God

Kenshi Elder God has the highest toughness among the gold characters. His passive works best when he fights together with other Elder God characters, as it will give his teammates a 20% critical hit chance on basic attacks and they will be immune to critical hits too, apart from gaining a bar of power when Kenshi defeats an opponent. I would team him up with Raiden - Dark (as an opener) and any other Elder God character. When it comes to equipment, I always give him his Sento Blade together with Vial of Infinite Blood and Shao Kahn's Helmet. This way, you can chain his basic attacks and get a pretty good chance of a critical hit on your opponents.



God of the Blade: Power Boost, Immunity - Critical, Critical Chance - When opponents are defeated by Kenshi's special attack, he and his teammates gain a bar of power. Elder God teammates are immune to critical attacks and have a +20% critical hit chance on basic attacks.



  1. Tele-Push- Attack: Medium damage + Power Drain
  2. Spiritual Flurry - Attack: High damage + Curse
  3. Tele-Strike - X-Ray Attack: Extreme damage + Power



  • Telekinetic Master - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Kenshi characters
  • Acute Senses - Bonus Health for all Kenshi characters
  • Ancestral Souls - Bonus Recovery for all Kenshi characters


Mortal Kombat Mobile Gold Characters Overview

The Gold tier is the most popular in the game with almost 100 characters. It come after the Silver and before the Diamond tier. We like to divide the golden characters into Challenge (the ones your can collect after completing a challenge mode) and non-challenge. Generally the challenge gold characters are stronger, faster and look and feel better when you play with them, whist the non-challenge characters are really good for support when it comes to their passive abilities. There are some exeptions ofcourse. Cassie Cage - Covert Ops for example has really good attack and health stats as well as really good passive ability. I believe she is the best non-challenge character for the price (only 250 souls from the store).