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16-Nov-2020 1710 MKmobileInfo
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Cassie Cage

Cassie Cage is a swift character with high attack and unfortunately, low health. She is best teamed with any Johnny Cage or Sonya Blade because of her passive, which can give her either attack or health boost respectively. Her second special attack gives her luck which paired with critical hit equipment or/and unblockable gear is superb.



Child Prodigy: Health/Attack Boost - +50% health if teamed with Johnny Cage. +50% attack if teamed with Sonya Blade



  1. Glow Kick - Attack: Medium damage
  2. Caged Heat - Attack: High damage + Luck
  3. Fancy Footwork - Attack: Very high damage + Power Drain



  • Father: Johnny Cage - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Cassie Cage characters
  • Mother: Sonya Blade - Bonus Health for all Cassie Cage characters
  • Special Warfare Unit - Bonus Recovery for all Cassie Cage characters



Body Armor, Rare Equipment, Armor - MKmobileInfo
Body Armor

  • 25-45% X-Ray/Fatal Blow attack damage boost;
  • [CASSIE CAGE] 30-50% Resistance to all Debuffs;
  • 50% Opponent Critical Hit Chance reduction. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


4 Rating(s)