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16-Nov-2020 2476 MKmobileInfo
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Sub-Zero doesn't have great stats, however, his passive ability, special attack and his signature equipment makes up for it. His Special Attack 1 is well known since the very 1st Mortal Kombat game and it does an excellent job. I would almost never use special attack 2 when fighting with Sub-Zero and will always manage to defeat the opponents somehow. He is best teamed with other Martial Artist for best synergy.



Discipline: Health Boost - +15% health for Martial Artist teammates.



  1. Ice Ball - Attack: Medium damage + Freeze
  2. Icy Slide - Attack: High damage
  3. Frost Bomb - Attack: Very high damage + Shield



  • Cryomancer - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Sub-Zero characters
  • Clan: Lin Kuei - Bonus Health for all Sub-Zero characters
  • Brother: Noob Saibot - Bonus Recovery for all Sub-Zero characters



Ice Daggers, Rare Equipment, Weapon - MKmobileInfo
Ice Daggers

  • 30-45% Basic attack damage boost;
  • [SUB-ZERO] 30-50% Chance to convert 50% damage to health on Special Attack 2;
  • 50% Critical Hit Chance boost against enemies affected by Freeze. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


3 Rating(s)