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16-Nov-2020 1671 MKmobileInfo
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Sonya Blade

Because of her passive ability, Sonya Blade is best teamed with other Spec Ops characters such as Johnny Cage and Cassie Cage. Her special attack 2 stuns her opponents and the Special Attack 3 gives her a shield.



Assault Weapons: Attack Boost - +15% attack for Spec ops teammates.



  1. Arc Kick - Attack: Medium damage
  2. Energy Ring - Attack: High damage + Stun
  3. Alert Force - Attack: Very high damage + Shield



  • Deadly Kiss - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Sonya Blade characters
  • Elite Athlete - Bonus Health for all Sonya Blade characters
  • Rival: Kano - Bonus Recovery for all Sonya Blade characters



Military Vest, Rare Equipment, Armor - MKmobileInfo
Military Vest

  • 15-35% Max Health boost;
  • [SONYA BLADE] 10-20% Self heal at the end of Special Attack 3 or X-Ray/Fatal Blow attack;
  • 50% Opponent Critical Hit Chance reduction. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


3 Rating(s)