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16-Nov-2020 1939 MKmobileInfo
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Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage is a great starter character. His passive ability boosts other Spec Ops teammates' health and his special attack 1 as with any other Johnny Cage character has Power Drain added to the damage it does. Making sure that you use it in close range, and together with his special gear (Subtle Tattoo), you could easily win your battles. He is best paired with Sonya Blade and Jax Briggs as they complement each other.



Physical Training: Health Boost - 15% health boost for Spec Ops teammates.



  1. Kracker - Attack: Medium damage + Power Drain
  2. Shadow Kick - Attack: High damage
  3. Forceballs - Attack: Very high damage + Strengthen



  • Seido Training - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Johnny Cage characters
  • Does His Own Stunts - Bonus Health for all Johnny Cage characters
  • A Lister - Bonus Recovery for all Johnny Cage characters



Subtle Tattoo, Rare Equipment, Accessory - MKmobileInfo
Subtle Tattoo

  • 25-45% Recovery boost;
  • [JOHNNY CAGE] 40-60% Basic attack damage boost;
  • 50% Reduced Power cost on Special Attack 2. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


3 Rating(s)