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Kung Jin - Shaolin

Kund Jin Shaolin has a really useful passive ability. Giving all martial artist teammates 1 bar of power, you could team him with characters such as Takeda - Shirai Ryu and Jacqui Briggs - Kosplay to get the most out of him. The only other character who give starting power to Martial Artists starting power is a diamond (Scorpion - Hellspawn).

Kung Jin's 1st special attack works from any distance and his 2nd apply bleed, so we can say they are both good in their own way.



Chi Mastery: Starting Power - All Martial Artist teammates start with +1 bar of power.



  1. Arrow - Attack: Medium damage
  2. Chakram - Attack: High damage + Bleed
  3. Staff Infection - X-Ray Attack: Extreme damage + Blind



  • Rapid Fire - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Kung Jin characters
  • Chakram Mastery - Bonus Health for all Kung Jin characters
  • Family Honor - Bonus Recovery for all Kung Jin characters



Shaolin Bow, Rare Equipment, Weapon - MKmobileInfo
Shaolin Bow

  • 15-25% Critical Hit Chance boost;
  • [KUNG JIN] 30-50% Chance to drain 33% Power on Special Attack 2;
  • 25% Damage boost against enemies affected by Bleed or Poison. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


2 Rating(s)