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04-Nov-2020 2334 MKmobileInfo
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Shirai Ryu

The Shirai Ryu character is the first card probably everyone who started the game has received. His basic attack is fast, whist blocking is a little slow, leaving him open to a counterattack. He is best combined with other Martial Artist characters, because of his passive ability, like Lin Kuei, Sub-Zero and Scorpion. At the early stage at the game, I found him very useful in Battle Mode when paired with Kung Lao Shaolin Master as he gains + 300% attack, health, toughness and recovery.


Attach Boost - 5% attack for Martial Artist teammates



Kunai - Attack: Medium damage

Clan Edge - Attack: High damage



Precision - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Shirai Ryu characters

Shirai Ryu Tradition - Bonus Health for all Shirai Ryu characters

Meditation - Bonus Recovery for all Shirai Ryu characters


3 Rating(s)