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14-Nov-2020 1636 MKmobileInfo
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Osh-Tekk passive ability gives him and other Outworld teammates a boost in damage. He is slow and his special attacks work only in close range, so it is important to keep him close to the opponent when attacking. He is best paired with other Outworld starters such as Reptile, Kotal Kahn or the Saurian.


Bloodthirsty - Attack Boost: +5% attack for Outworld teammates.



Tlaneltocaz - Attack: Medium damage

Tonaltzintli - Attack: High damage



Brute Strength - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Osh-Tekk characters

Warrior Tribe - Bonus Health for all Osh-Tekk characters

Spoils of battle - Bonus Recovery for all Osh-Tekk characters


4 Rating(s)