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14-Nov-2020 1552 MKmobileInfo
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Trooper is a great bronze character. Probably the only one that has a 3 hit combo ender. Link her combo ender with her long-ranged second special, 'Akimbo', attack and she is a kicker. Providing all Spec Ops teammates with a 5% damage boost with her passive ability, she is best paired up with characters such as Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade and the Sergeant.


Assault Weapons - Attack Boost: +5% attack for Spec Ops teammates.



Attack Pattern - Attack: Medium damage

Akimbo - Attack: High damage



Sharpshooter - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Trooper characters

Well Protected - Bonus Health for all Trooper characters

Extra Ammo - Bonus Recovery for all Trooper characters


5 Rating(s)


the best!