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14-Nov-2020 1696 MKmobileInfo
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Lin Kuei

Lin Kuei is a good teammate for any martial artist character, such as Shirai Ryu, Scorpion or Sub-Zero, because of his passive ability (5% health). His combos are fast, however, he doesn't do much damage without the help of another teammate passive or a piece of equipment. His first special is very similar to Sub-Zero's special attack, unfortunately, Lin Kuei doesn't freeze the opponent.


Health Boost - 5% health for Martial Artist teammates.



Mist - Attack: Medium damage

Forest Blade - Attack: High damage



Ambush - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Lin Kuei characters

Lin Kuei Tradition - Bonus Health for all Lin Kuei characters

Agility - Bonus Recovery for all Lin Kuei characters


3 Rating(s)