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16-Nov-2020 1306 MKmobileInfo
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Jacqui Briggs

Jacqui Briggs doesn't impress with anything at first look, but her passive is really good when she is given a brock breaking gear. She could keep her opponent stunned and span her basic attacks non-stop as she is quite fast. I would team her up with other Spec Ops characters which could boost her attack.



Shotgun Glove: Attack boost and Stun - The finishing blow of Jacqui's combo ender does +100% damage and stuns.



  1. Bionic Blast - Attack: Medium damage
  2. Gauntlet Strike - Attack: High damage + Fear
  3. Ground Smash - Attack: Very high damage + Cripple



  • Heavy Hitter - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Jacqui Briggs characters
  • Bulletproof - Bonus Health for all Jacqui Briggs characters
  • Father: Jax Briggs - Bonus Recovery for all Jacqui Briggs characters



Power Glove, Rare Equipment, Armor - MKmobileInfo
Power Glove

  • 15-35% Max Health boost;
  • [JACQUI BRIGGS] 25-35% Basic attack damage boost;
  • 25% Chance to reflect 100% basic attack damage when blocking. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


4 Rating(s)


For silver character it is imbalanced because of the combo that comes with a stun. Passed several 200th floors of fatal towers with this