Silver Characters

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Kano, Silver character, Outworld character
16-Nov-2020 1074 Admin

Kano is sometimes given as a free starter character in the game, which doesn't give you much of a choice but to fight with him. If that is the case then the prefered special attack is "Blade Throw", as it applies bleed DOT to your active opponent. He is best used as a finisher because of his passive ability and is commonly teamed with Reptile and Kotal Kahn.



Killer Instinct: Attack Boost - +30% attack if the opponent has 40% or lower health.



  1. Kano Ball- Attack: Medium damage
  2. Blade Throw - Attack: High damage + Bleed
  3. Ball Kick- Attack: Very high damage + Strengthen



  • Knife Fighter - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Kano characters
  • Cybernetics - Bonus Health for all Kano characters
  • Clan: Black Dragon - Bonus Recovery for all Kano characters



Mortal Kombat Mobile Silver Characters Overview

The silver characters are the second-tier characters, and as you could probably imagine, they are stronger than the Bronze characters but weaker than the Gold characters. They have 3 special attacks and most of them if not all have gear that can give them some extra ability. They are really helpful when it comes to building up your gold characters set, as you could use them to level up faster (eg. pick your stronger silver character and two level 1 gold characters for a fight in Faction Wars, after a few rounds your gold character will probably have level 10-15 and have similar stats as your silver). Having silver characters is also crucial when you fight in challenge mode. Easy and Hard difficulty, each requires silver characters for two of the towers. You might have a strong gold team, but without silver, you won't be able to complete all of them. Most people enjoy playing with Scorpion because of his special attack 1. I've used him to defeat my first ever Diamond Klassic Reptile.