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Triborg - Sektor (LK-9T9)

Triborg Sektor is best teamed with other Triborg characters as well as characters who have Fire as a debuff on their special attack such as Goro - Tiger Fury, Kano - Klassic, Shinnok - Vengeful. He is not good against characters who can heal from fire eg. Raiden - Dark, Liu Kang - Klassic or Jade - MK11



Assimilation Protocol v3.0: Fire, Fire Damage Boost, Support - All Triborg Characters on your team gain fire for special attack 1 and everyone on your team deals 30% more fire damage.



  1. Psycho Slam- Attack: Medium damage
  2. Flamethrower - Attack: High damage + Fire
  3. Cyber Initiative - X-Ray Attack: Extreme damage + Weaken



  • Chest Rocket - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Triborg characters
  • Spare Parts - Bonus Health for all Triborg characters
  • Cyber Initiative - Bonus Recovery for all Triborg characters



Cyber Armor, Rare Equipment, Armor - MKmobileInfo
Cyber Armor

  • 15-35% Self heal at the end of Special Attack 3 or X-Ray/Fatal Blow attack;
  • [TRIBORG] 30-50% Resistance to all Debuffs;
  • 25% Basic attack damage boost. (Unlocks at fusion level X)

And here is a video review of Triborg - Sektor (LK-9T9):


1 Rating(s)