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08 Nov 21 - 15 Nov 21 3307

Reptile - Klassic

The moon has appeared on the outworld quest map again. It's time for you to find the Klassic Reptile and beat him in a battle. Once you do that, you will get a Diamond Klassic Reptile card.

How do you find the Klassic Reptile?

You need to collect enough eyes depending on what fusion is your card. Mine is on 0 Fusion so I need to collect only 125 eyes to summon him.

How long will the moon stay on?

Double-tap the moon to see how many days are left for that event. It usually lasts for about a week.

How to beat the Klassic Reptile?

Klassic Reptile does almost constant poison DOT, so you'll be best fighting with characters that are immune or heal with DOTs. Dark Raiden and Jade are known to do very well against Klassic Reptile. The other option is to use your strongest character and try to beat him as fast as you can. The 1st time I beat him, I used silver scorpion and Sonya Blade. It took some hard work, but I managed.

Good luck everyone and happy fighting


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