Here are the Elder Wind Tower challenge requirements - MKmobile 2024. Stay tuned for the future challenges and other updates with MKmobileInfo.
23 Mar 22 - 22 May 22 2349

Elder Wind Tower

Elder Wind Tower is coming up with the next update (3.6) together with a new diamond character - MK11 Fujin.

We are getting new brutality gear sets: One for Nightwolf - MK11 and One for Erron Black. The rewards are described in a special place inside the tower, so everyone can access and see what is there to be offered. This will be really interesting to be seen for the old towers, as they do not offer the same rewards as those which are being run for the first time.

Anyways, it seems like we will be getting a random diamond card on battle 200 with an increased chance to get Nightwolf - MK11, and Liu Kang - Fire God.

Check out and rate the Elder Wind Tower Equipment.

This update 3.6 brings so much to Mortal Kombat Mobile. Check out the MK Mobile - Official Release Notes for Update 3.6

Good luck and remember - Never Give Up!