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17-Aug-2023 1604 Admin
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Enigmatic Well of Souls

  • 30-50% Basic Attacks unblockable chance while the character is not affected by any debuff;
  • 50-100% Chance to apply Curse on Combo Ender for 20sec;
  • [SHANG TSUNG] On tag-in Shang Tsung invokes the Well of Souls to the opponent. It applies a random debuff once in 20-10sec. The Well of Souls disappears on the opponent's tag-out.
  • [SHANG TSUNG] [SET] If this is equipped alongside Enigmatic Lantern, any DIAMOND Shang Tsung gains the ability to perform a Friendship. Once the last opponent's Health is below  25% and the Friendship bar is filled up by performing multiple Special Attacks, a Friendship can be performed, ending the fight immediately.
  • After 25 successful Critical Attacks, Power Drain applies to the opponent. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


No ratings yet