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Mileena - Klassic

Mileena Klassic has one of the highest stats among the gold characters. She has an excellent passive ability, which makes her great not just in Suvivor mode, but in any battle which requires healing. All of her special attacks can be cast from distance, having Bleed DOT on her second and X-Ray attack. She is best teamed with female characters, even if they are not Outworlders, but you can often see her together with Kitana - Mournful and Mileena - Vampiress, as well as with Mileena - Piercing.



Femme Fatale: Healing, Support - When Mileena defeats an opponent, she recovers a percentage of that enemy's max health. Mileena's female teammates gain health when she defeats an opponent.



  1. Sai-disctic - Attack: Medium damage
  2. Klassic Combo - Attack: High damage + Bleed
  3. Let Us Dance - X-Ray Attack: Extreme damage + Bleed



  • Half Tarkatan - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Mileena characters
  • Flesh Pits Creation - Bonus Health for all Mileena characters
  • Rival: Kitana- Bonus Recovery for all Mileena characters



Razor Sai, Rare Equipment, Weapon - MKmobileInfo
Razor Sai

  • 15-25% Critical Hit Chance boost;
  • [MILEENA] 30-50% Chance to convert 50% damage to health on Special Attack 2;
  • 25% damage boost against enemies affected by Bleed or Poison. (Unlocks at fusion level X)

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2 Rating(s)