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Noob Saibot - Lizard


Shadow Juggler: Shadow Energy, Forced Tag-In, Snare, Resurrection - Lizard Noob Saibot gains Shadow Energy every time he spends or loses his power. When he gains a full bar of Shadow Energy, Shadow Attack becomes available. This attack allows him to choose any opponent as a target and inevitably apply Snare to them. If a tagged-out opponent has been chosen, Noob forces them to enter the fight through the portal. 

Upon defeating an opponent, Lizard Noob Saibot can summon a teammate of his choice back to life with 20% of max HP. The number of summons is limited to the number of Lizard characters on the team.



  1. Tele-Slam - Attack: Medium damage + Death Mark
  2. Infamous Portal Trick - Attack: High damage + Slow
  3. Together Again - Fatal Blow Attack: Extreme damage + Death mark



  • Doppelganger - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Noob Saibot characters
  • Original: Sub-Zero - Bonus Health for all Noob Saibot characters
  • Reborn in Netherrealm - Bonus Recovery for all Noob Saibot characters



Grim Essence, Rare Equipment, Accessory - MKmobileInfo
Grim Essence

  • 10-20% Power generation boost.
  • [NOOB SAIBOT] Death Mark lasts 5-10s longer.
  • 50% Critical Hit Chance boost against enemies affected by Bleed. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


4 Rating(s)