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Liu Kang - Flaming Fists

Liu Kang Flaming Fists has relatively low health, which makes him an easy target for strong opponents, however, he moves swiftly enough to hit and block most of them. Equipped with a block-breaking gear and a critical hit chance booster, he can defeat almost anyone. His Special attacks do multiple hits, and his passive ability helps for doing those critical hits he needs to do.



Flaming Fists: Speed Boost, Attack Boost, Critical Chance - On tag-in, Liu Kang receives a speed increase, +100% basic attack damage, and +25% critical hit chance for 5 seconds.



  1. Bicycle Flurry - Attack: Medium damage
  2. Windmill Punch - Attack: High damage + Fire
  3. For The Shaolin - X-Ray Attack: Extreme damage + Fire



  • Bicycle Kick - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Liu Kang characters
  • Ancestor: Great Kung Lao - Bonus Health for all Liu Kang characters
  • Earthrealm Champion - Bonus Recovery for all Liu Kang characters



Red Headband, Rare Equipment, Accessory - MKmobileInfo
Red Headband

  • 25-45% Recovery boost;
  • [LIU KANG] 25-35% Unblockable chance on basic attacks;
  • 20% Power generation boost. (Unlocks at fusion level X)

And here is a video review of Liu Kang - Flaming Fists:


2 Rating(s)

Momma Trump

I love flaming fist liu kang he is very strong. Everything is great about him his special attacks his passive. With the required equipment he can get more health and damage boost which makes him even stronger