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Kano - Black Dragon


Dirty Fighting: Starting Power, Health Boost, Cripple, Weaken - Black Dragon Kano inflicts a 3-5 seconds cripple or weaken on combo enders. For each Black Dragon teammate, Kano gains 1 bar of power and +5-15% health at the start of the match.

  • Seconds of Debuff: 3-5;
  • Health: +5-15%



  1. Kano Ball- Attack: Medium damage + Stun
  2. Attitude Problem - Attack: High damage + Bleed
  3. Lacerater - X-Ray Attack: Extreme damage + Strengthen



  • Knife Fighter - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Kano characters
  • Cybernetics - Bonus Health for all Kano characters
  • Clan: Black Dragon - Bonus Recovery for all Kano characters



Combat Knife, Rare Equipment, Weapon - MKmobileInfo
Combat Knife

  • 30-50% Basic attack damage boost;
  • [KANO] 10-20% Special Attack 3 or X-Ray/Fatal Blow attack damage boost;
  • 15% Damage boost. Faction Wars Only. (Unlocks at fusion level X)

And here is a video review of Kano - Black Dragon:


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