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The Joker - Ace of Knaves


Kard Trick: Poison, Cripple, Healing - Joker owns three card decks with different unique abilities. Each time Joker enters the fight, he chooses one deck that he is going to use in this battle. By using cards from the active deck, Joker inflicts damage on the opponent and also applies this deck's corresponding unique effect. The amount of cards inside the deck is limited.

  • Health Recovery: 10-30%;


  • Venom Deck - The card intoxicates the opponent with “Joker's Juice”. The affected opponent has a 50% chance to miss their attacks and takes small damage over time.
  • Grinning Deck - The explosive card deals medium damage, temporarily disables opponent's Special Attacks, and has a 50% chance to destroy opponent's armor or weapon.
  • Buzzer Deck - The card attaches a tiny buzzer that will continue to strike the opponent with electricity until it is out of battery. It deals more and more damage along with draining power with every strike. To remove the buzzer, the opponent has to tag out. 

Each time his teammate dies, Joker gets excited and restores 10% of his max HP.



  1. Boing - Attack: Medium damage + Shield Break
  2. Kapow - Grapple: High damage + Stun
  3. Smile - Fatal Blow Attack: Extreme damage + Slow



  • Mr. Nobody - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Joker characters
  • Red Hood - Bonus Health for all Joker characters
  • Clown Prince Of Crime - Bonus Recovery for all Joker characters



Prankster's Banger, Rare Equipment, Weapon - MKmobileInfo
Prankster's Banger

  • 25-45% Basic Attacks unblockable chance;
  • [THE JOKER] 30% Chance to apply Snare on Special Attack 2;
  • 50% Reduced power cost on Special Attack 2. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


3 Rating(s)



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