Here are the Sorcerer's Tower challenge requirements - MKmobile 2024. Stay tuned for the future challenges and other updates with MKmobileInfo.
14 Apr 21 - 10 Jun 21 802

Sorcerer's Tower

A new tower is on its way. It will bring new equipment and with it new brutalities. Unlike the Kold War Tower, the Sorcerer's tower will have 2 difficulties (Normal and Fatal). The difference between them is the level and fusion of the opponent characters, as well as the rewards.

The fatal Sorcerer's Tower will be rewarding a Diamond Character on level 100 and another Diamond character on completing the tower - level 200. The last level of the Fatal tower will also reward you with an epic piece of equipment from the Sorcerers tower, whilst the normal tower will not. The rest of the rewards could be Uncommon or Rare pieces of equipment, Gold characters, coins souls, etc.

You can play 5 times every 12 hours or 10 times a day if you don't refresh or 15 times every 12 hours or 30 times in total for a whole day. The price of the refresh stays the same - 50 souls.

Check out the Sorcerer's tower equipment.

Good luck and remember - Never Give Up!