Here are the Lin Kuei Tower challenge requirements - MKmobile 2024. Stay tuned for the future challenges and other updates with MKmobileInfo.
15 Feb 21 - 08 Mar 21 784

Lin Kuei Tower

The Lin Kuei tower is finally back. It is still Winter in the northern hemisphere, and since we get a diamond Sub-Zero character as a reward for completing this tower, it makes sense that it will be available now. It consists of 200 battles, each one awarding Koins, Souls, Equipment and Gold characters. The battles get progressively harder, as any other tower, however, it starts with much weaker opponents compared to the Kold Ward Tower.


The rumours are that the tower will continue until the beginning of March or approximately 3 weeks, so you have time to develop your collection and make it to the top at least once.

Good luck and remember - Never Give Up!