Here are the Kold War Tower challenge requirements - MKmobile 2024. Stay tuned for the future challenges and other updates with MKmobileInfo.
16 Dec 20 - 12 Feb 21 958

Kold War Tower

Winter is coming… It only makes sense to have a “Kold War Tower”! Fight off Kold War bosses and conquer the new Kold War Tower to earn a random Diamond Kold War character and Epic Tower Equipment card! Collect all 10 of the new Kold War Tower Equipment cards including the Equipment needed to activate the newest Brutalities! Armour up with the new Weather Warfare to unleash Frostbite onto your foes, or fight back by releasing the new Missile Gap for all-out war!


 Kold War Tower comprises 200 levels, each one having different teams and the difficulty rises with the number. You have a chance to earn one of four random Diamond Kards from the Kold War team alongside one piece of Epic Kold War Equipment. Here are the four Kold War characters:

  • Kold War Skarlet
  • Kold War Sub-Zero
  • Kold War Sonya Blade
  • Kold War Scorpion

The rumours are that the tower will continue until mid-February, so you have time to develop your collection and make it to the top at least once.

Good luck and remember - Never Give Up!