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Tsukumogami Demon's Fire

  • 30-40% All Special Attacks unblockable chance;
  • 30-50% Opponent unblockable attack chance reduction;
  • 150-600% Damage boost. White Lotus Tower only.
  • [ERRON BLACK] When Erron Black does not have enough Power to perform a Special Attack, a sinister demon who lives in his rifle can feast on his blood and help him use health instead of Power to perform his Special Attack (this Special Attack will not be able to trigger Regeneration).

          The 1st Energy Bar costs 20-30% of Max Health.

          The 2nd Energy Bar costs 40-50% of Max Health.

          The 3rd Energy Bar costs 60-70% of Max Health.

  • [ERRON BLACK] [SET] If this is equipped alongside Tsukumogami Demon's Heart, any DIAMOND Erron Black gains the ability to perform a Friendship. Once the last opponent's Health is below  25% and the Friendship bar is filled up by performing multiple Special Attacks, a Friendship can be performed, ending the fight immediately.
  • After a successful Special Attack 2, a demon hexes the opponent with a Spirit Flame. Spirit Flame drains Health and Power from the opponent. The more opponents are affected by Spirit Flame, the more Health and Power is drained. The hex can only be removed by killing the demon, Dispel or the final death of the hexed opponent. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


No ratings yet