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Soul Reaver's Servant

  • 10-20% Chance to apply Curse on Critical Hit;
  • 15-35% Damage boost against enemies affected by Cripple;
  • 150-600% Damage boost. Sorcerer's Tower only.
  • [SHANG TSUNG] [SET]  When Shang Tsung defeats an opponent, he and his teammates gain the defeated opponents remaining Power, distributing it equally among them;
  • [SHANG TSUNG] [SET] If this is equipped alongside Soul Reaver's King Kobra Belt, any DIAMOND Shang Tsung gains a 40% chance to perform a Special Combo Ender dealing massive damage. If the last opponent is under 25% health, a Brutality is performed instead of the Special Combo Ender, ending the fight immediately.
  • Curse debuffs can stack up to 2 times. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


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