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18-Sep-2021 2337 Admin
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Edenian Bracelets

  • 25-50% Special Attack 2 damage boost;
  • 20-40% Power generation boost.
  • 75-225% Damage boost. Shirai Ryu Tower only.
  • 150-450% Max Health boost. Shirai Ryu Tower only.
  • [JADE][SET] If this is equipped alongside Edenian Force Rejection Field, any DIAMOND Jade gains a 40% chance to perform a Special Combo Ender dealing massive damage. If the last opponent is under 25% health, a Brutality is performed instead of the Special Combo Ender, ending the fight immediately.
  • [JADE] Once per match, Jade avoids death by automatically tagging out before the killing blow. This effect does not trigger if the killing blow is Brutality. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


No ratings yet