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03-Nov-2023 799 Admin
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Noble Dainty Gesture

  • 30-50% Critical Hit chance boost;
  • 30-50% Special Attack damage boost against opponents affected by any debuff;
  • [KITANA] Each 1 Critical Hit applies a Wound to the opponent. Each 15-5th Wound stack applies a negative effect in the sequence: Bleed, Cripple, Slow. User's successful Special Attack explodes all Wounds, inflicting additional damage on the opponent and applying Shield on the user. The more stacks you explode, the more damage opponent will receive and the more powerful Shield will be. Max amount of stacks: 15-45. Resets upon an opponent's tag out.
  • [KITANA] [SET] If this is equipped alongside Noble Graceful Tread, any DIAMOND Kitana gains the ability to perform a Friendship. Once the opponent's Health is below  25% and the Friendship bar is filled up by performing multiple Special Attacks, a Friendship can be performed, ending the fight immediately.
  • For each active debuff on the opponent, user's Special Attack power cost is reduced by 10%. Maximum reduction - 50%. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


1 Rating(s)

ivan enavie

This equipment really fun to play, those kombat effects are cool.