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Restless Ninja's Figure

  • 5-15% Chance to apply on Curse on Basic attacks. This Curse can stack up to 2 times.
  • 50-70% Resistance to all debuffs for the user while the opponent is affected by Snare or Curse.
  • 75-225% Damage boost. Klassic Tower only.
  • 150-450% Health boost. Klassic Tower only.
  • [SCORPION] Scorpion has a 10% chance to counter-attack opponent's basic combo attacks by vanishing into the fire, crawling from under the ground and hugging the opponent's legs, dealing the fire damage and stealing the opponent's attack 10% for himself. Max 40% stolen attack from each opponent.
  • [SCORPION] [SET] If this is equipped alongside Restless Ninja's Call to Arms, any DIAMOND Scorpion gains an ability to perform a Friendship. Once the last opponent's Health is below  25% and the Friendship bar is filled up by performing multiple Special Attacks, a Friendship can be performed, ending the fight immediately.
  • After 20 successful Basic Attacks, the next successful Special Attack will inevitably be Critical. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


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