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Shang Tsung - Klassic


Face Dancer: Morphing, Stun, Soaked, Weaken, Cripple, Snare, Evasion, Power Drain, Assist, Healing - On Combo Enders Klassic Shang Tsung can randomly morph into one of Klassic Characters and perform their Combo Ender instead. On Special Attack 2 Klassic Shang Tsung can choose a Klassic Character to morph into and perform their Special Attack 2:

  • Klassic Liu Kang - ‘Soul of the Dragon’ applies Stun;
  • Klassic Rain - ‘Mind Control Orb’ applies Soaked;
  • Klassic Raiden - ‘Power Discharge’ applies Weaken;
  • Klassic Jax Briggs - ‘Backbreaker’ applies Cripple;
  • Klassic Ermac - ‘Certain Death’ applies Snare.

Opponents have a 75% chance to miss Shang Tsung with Basic and Special attacks for 3 seconds after any of his morphing moves. Shang Tsung's own Special Attack 2 ‘Corpse Drop’ drains 50% of an opponent's current power.

Shang Tsung's scroll assists Klassic characters on Special Attack 1 with an energy beam that deals 20% of Shang Tsung's attack and heals an active teammate for the damage dealt.



  1. Crashing Flames - Attack: Medium damage
  2. Corpse Drop - Attack: High damage + Fear
  3. Shapeshifter's Barrage - Fatal Blow Attack: Extreme damage



  • Tournament Grandmaster - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Shang Tsung characters
  • Soul Devourer - Bonus Health for all Shang Tsung characters
  • Devious Schemer - Bonus Recovery for all Shang Tsung characters



Soulsnake Arms, Rare Equipment, Accessory - MKmobileInfo
Soulsnake Arms

  • 5-15% X-Ray/Fatal Blow attack damage boost;
  • [SHANG TSUNG] Transfer 5-25% damage to Health on all attacks against enemies affected by Weaken, Bleed or Fire;
  • Gain invincibility for 3s after the user performs X-Ray/Fatal Blow. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


2 Rating(s)