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Ermac - Master of Souls

The Master of Souls Emarc can start a match with bars full of power, allowing him to execute an X-Ray if he is teamed with outworld characters. That is about how far his passive ability goes.

His special attack 1 can be easily blocked so, as with all the other Ermac characters, timing is extremely important. His special attack 2 has Snare as a debuff, which could help you isolate your opponent and finish him before he tags out.



Soul Legion: Starting Power - Starts with +1 bar of power for each Outworld teammate.



  1. Force Lift - Attack: Medium damage
  2. Soul Blast - Attack: High damage + Snare
  3. We Are Many - X-Ray Attack: Extreme damage + Shield



  • Telekinesis - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Ermac characters
  • Legion of Souls - Bonus Health for all Ermac characters
  • Teleportation - Bonus Recovery for all Ermac characters



Soul Medallion, Rare Equipment, Accessory - MKmobileInfo
Soul Medallion

  • 10-20% Power generation boost;
  • [ERMAC] 10-20% Self heal at the end of Special Attack 3 or X-Ray/Fatal Blow attack;
  • 50% Reduced Power cost on Special Attack 2. (Unlocks at fusion level X)

And here is a video review of Ermac - Master of Souls:


4 Rating(s)

The best 250 souls character, who allows you to beat the bosses on the high levels even without decent equipment. Start your game run with Ermac, and you will be on top in few weeks.