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Kitana - Edenian Blood


Sweater Weather: Damage Reduction, Debuff Reflection, Stun,  Power Gen Boost - Edenian Blood Kitana can use her Power to create a defensive Whirlwind around herself. Edenian Blood Kitana spends 33% of Bar of Power per second to keep the Whirlwind active, reducing incoming damage by 70% and reflecting all debuffs to her opponent.

If she manages to maintain the Whirlwind for 3 seconds or more, instead of disappearing it will transfer to the opponent and explode after 3 seconds, dealing high damage and applying Stun to the opponent. The explosion can be avoided by tagging-out before the explosion countdown ends.

While the Whirlwind is active, Edenian Blood Kitana's tagged out Outworld teammates generate additional 2% of Max Power per second. For each Jade, Sindel and Rain character in Edenian Blood Kitana's team, the Whirlwind reduces incoming damage by an additional 5%.



  1. Uplift - Attack: Medium damage + Power Drain
  2. Heartbreaker - Grapple: High damage + Silence
  3. Slice and Dice - X-Ray Attack: Extreme damage + Blind



  • Exotic Weapon Master - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Kitana characters
  • Edenian Royalty - Bonus Health for all Kitana characters
  • Kiss of Death - Bonus Recovery for all Kitana characters



Bladed Fan, Rare Equipment, Weapon - MKmobileInfo
Bladed Fan

  • 25-45% Unblockable chance on basic attacks;
  • [KITANA] 15-25% Chance to reflect 100% Special Attack damage when blocking;
  • 25% Chance to convert 50% damage to Health on Special Attack 1. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


4 Rating(s)