How to get souls and where to spend them?
16-Aug-2021 Admin 16104

How to get souls and where to spend them?

There are many ways to get souls on Mortal Kombat mobile and most gamers already know them all, however, new players need a guide and this is where we come in. Here is a list of the best ways to get souls without paying real money and of course the best way to use them.

  1. Quests
  2. Challenges
  3. Watch Videos
  4. Faction Wars
  5. Special Towers events
  6. Battle mode
  7. Shao Kahn Tower
  8. Completing an offer

The most efficient way to get souls quick and free is through quests. You can do 1-hour quests on the Outworld map and get up to 9 souls per quest per hour or up to 10 souls per quest per hour on the Netherrealm Map, which totals to 27 or 30 souls per hour respectively. If you have the time and really grind on those quests you can end up doing more than 300 souls per day just from quests!

The challenges are the second more efficient way to get souls. You get souls as rewards afters some battles on tower 4 and tower 5 on Normal and hard difficulties plus the rewards when you complete each tower. Completing all towers on all difficulties can get you over 400 souls.

Watching videos can get you 25 souls per day.

Fighting in Faction Wars is always a good idea, apart from Souls you can also get other great rewards, such as Rare Equipment, Gold and even Diamond characters.

The special towers events, like the Edenian Towers, do random drops, including souls even if you lose. You can get from 5 to around 70 souls as a reward for giving it a try ?.

You can also get some souls when you complete a tower in Battle Mode for the first time. It isn't so great, as it's mostly 3 souls, but we have to mention it.

Fighting in Shao Kahn's Tower is a must, not so much for the souls as they aren't that many and only after some particular battles, but because of the talent points and the chance to resurrect Shao Kahn.

You can also get souls when you complete an offer. This is the last one on the list, as it is the most difficult one and the number of souls you get, just doesn't pay off so much.

Collection of souls is one thing, but spending them is something else. There was a time when players had a chance to spend their souls on a discounted Souls pack, which would be available on a Bank holiday, Mortal Kombat anniversary or a Black Friday event, but it seems like things have changed and unfortunately for all those players who do not wish to spend real money, there haven't been such discounted packs lately. Instead, we have constant access to the MK11 pack and Skarlet MK11 pack, which comes for 375 and 400 souls respectively.

 Our suggestion is, that you can still collect souls until you have at least 2-3k and then buy the MK11 pack. This pack is probably the most valuable one, as it gives you an 18% chance to get a diamond character and it is only limited to 3 characters, meaning that you can max out those characters relatively fast.

We've tested the MK11 Skarlet pack and can confirm that it is much more difficult to get a diamond card with only a 10% chance between the 3 characters.