Here are the Update 4.2 - Release Notes challenge requirements - MKmobile 2023. Stay tuned for the future challenges and other updates with MKmobileInfo.
29 Mar 23 - 30 Mar 23 3651

Update 4.2 - Release Notes

Ok Guys, Here is the new update 4.2


Get ready for Klassic Movie Johnny Cage. “Give Johnny some extra speed by teaming him up with Klassic Movie Raiden and your foe will surely get Caged!”


ACTION MOVIE Towers and Equipment

It seems like Bosses will consist of Johnny and his friends, as well as the movie enemies like Kano and Shang Tsung! The rewards include the new Action Movie Tower Equipment and Klassic Movie Raiden on the final match on the normal tower! The more exciting part is the final reward on the Fatal tower - Diamond Klassic Movie Johnny Cage!


The Equipment

We are getting equipment for The Joker’s new Brutality and Johnny Cage’s new Friendship!



This update includes Kombat Passes Season 3 and Season 4! You will be able to Ascend Dark Raiden and Aftershock Tremor accordingly



Jade - Klassic - Finally we have a challenge character which isn't already maxed up.


There are more updates and bugfixes which can all be found on the MK Mobile - Official Patch Notes for Update 4.2.0