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28-Aug-2023 1988 MKmobileInfo
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Rain - Edenian Blood


Tidal Might: Tidal Might, Empowered Attacks, Extra Attack, Soaked, Assist - Edenian Blood Rain gains Tidal Might over time for every opponent affected by Soaked. Tidal Might empowers his Special Attacks and deals additional damage by lightning. Rain can use his extra attack Low Tide to apply Fear and Soaked for 20 seconds. He can also apply Soaked for 7 seconds on one of his Basic Combos. Low tide has an 8-second cooldown.

Synergy: Rain assists his Outworld teammates with a lightning strike on their combo enders.

For each Edenian Blood teammate, Low Tide's cooldown is reduced by 1 second.



  1. Treacherous Cut - Grapple: Medium damage + Bleed
  2. Argus Plunge - Attack: High damage + Power
  3. Edenian Spikes - Fatal Blow Attack: Extreme damage + Bleed



  • Stormbringer - Bonus Attack in percentage for all Rain characters
  • Beware the Clouds - Bonus Health for all Rain characters
  • Water Realm Portal - Bonus Recovery for all Rain characters



Thunderblade, Rare Equipment, Weapon - MKmobileInfo

  • 30-50% Basic attack damage boost;
  • [RAIN] 10-20% Damage boost against enemies affected by DOTs;
  • 50% Reduced power cost on Special Attack 2. (Unlocks at fusion level X)


2 Rating(s)

Clive Pereira